West Electric & Machine Co., Inc. - Industrial Motors and Controls
 Complete Rewinding & Rebuilding of: 
 AC Motors          Gear Motors           Generators
   DC Motors          Pumps                    Cable Reels
 Complete Machine Shop Service:
    ARC Welding     Sleeving                 Gear Reducers
    TIG Welding      Dynamic Balance    Shaft Repair
    Nickle Plating   Press work              Roller Repair
 Electrical Testing:
   4160 Electrical Test Panel
    Control Burn Out/Bake Ovens
    AC/DC High Potential Testing
    AC/DC Dielectric Test
    VIP Installation
 Complete Field Servicing For:
   AC/DC Electric Motor Repair         AC/DC Trouble Shooting
    Panel & Control Box Repair           Crane & Hoist Repair
    Variable Frequency Drives             Solid State Starters
Ask us about our large inventory of AC Motors and Service Exchange motors for the mining industry ready to ship!